SalaryDay is a product of M/s Goyal Associates Ltd, which is a registered NBFC with RBI for lending. It is also a listed company on BSE. For more details of our company, visit our website: www.GoyalAssociatesLimited.com

SalaryDay’s proprietary predictive algorithm creates a sophisticated credit profile of consumers totally different from conventional banks and credit agencies. The users can upload and share required documentation and details, and apply for the loan online. The entire process of loan application, verification and disbursement happens online and the users can monitor their progress through SalaryDay mobile app.

SalaryDay is an app-based lending process. You must have a smartphone to download the app and apply for the loan

Usually, salaried professionals happen to get their salaries on or around a specific date of a month which is considered as a “Pay Day”. By using SalaryDay app you no longer have to wait for your pay-day and instead can apply and avail loan in the form of salary advance at any day of the month.

SalaryDay offers 4 loan plans ranging from Rs.5,000/- to Rs.50,000/- payable over a period of 62, 90, 120, and 180 days respectively. Please visit our Products page for more details.


If you are an Indian citizen between 21 and 50 years of age and earning a monthly net salary of Rs.15,000/-, you are eligible to apply for a loan with SalaryDay.

As a doctor by profession, if you are a salaried employee and as far as you satisfy our eligibility criteria, you can apply for the loan.


The signup process with SalaryDay is quite simple. You only need Gmail account to signup into the app.

SalaryDay offers Rs.5k to 50k instant loan. On submission of salary details, you will be prompted with the salary advance amount and the tenure that you are eligible for. For more details, please visit our Products page.

The existing loan tenure of the disbursed loan cannot be changed. You can however, opt for different tenure loan after full and final settlement of the previous plan.


The following documents are required –

1. KYC - PAN card, Aadhar Card, etc.

2. Address proof

3. Latest salary slips of past 3 months from the same employer

4. Latest statement of your Bank Account, reflecting salary credit for last 3 months

SalaryDay collects your documentation and personal information to assess –

1. Authenticity of your identity.

2. Your ability to repay

3. Your intention to repay

4. Your credit worthiness

5. Employment

6. Salaried bank account

The information shared will be used only for internal purpose. For more information, feel free to go through our Privacy Policy.

No, it is not mandatory to submit all your documents every time whenever you request for a salary advance. However, if there are changes in your employment, salary, or residence during your loan tenure, you must upload the document reflecting the change, for verification.

SalaryDay advance salary funds are collateral free. We trust you and request you to provide us with your valid documents.


There can be various reasons for rejecting your salary advance request and two of the main reasons are –

1. Fake/false document or information.

2. Profile lacks social worthiness.

The communication about rejection of your application will be shared with you on email. This isn’t a reflection on your credibility, it’s simply that your profile does not fit as per our algorithm. You can reapply.

Yes, you can. In the scenarios where you want your application to be reviewed or if you have observed material improvement in your creditworthiness. You can re-apply after 3 months from the date of rejection of your application. However, approval remains solely at the discretion of Lender.


We charge only 2.5% flat on the loan amount as processing fee irrespective of any of the loan plan or loan amount that you may select.

The processing fee need to be payable every time you take a loan from us. We have a plan to reduce the processing fee up to 50% for repeat customers. We shall update you on that.

The rate of interest that we charge is different on different loan plans. It varies from 3% to 3.5% per month. Please refer our products page for details.


We will disburse your approved amount as soon as your loan application gets approved and you give your consent on Loan Agreement. Therefore, to ensure quick approval of your application, we advise you to upload the required documents in the necessary formats and make sure they are clear and legible. For any delay or clarification, you can write to support@salaryday.in

Once the amount is disbursed, you won’t be able to change the request. But you can pre-close the loan amount and avail another salary advance loan as per the desired.

The lenders reserve the right to recall, with due notice, any cash disbursed to Borrower for failure to disclose materially valuable information to determine your credit profile. If you’ve provided false or misleading information, the Lender will call for the amount to be repaid within 24 hours, following which you will be categorized as a defaulter, with the attendant penalties and appropriate steps may be taken by appropriate authorities.


We initiate autodebit on the due date with prior intimation to the customers. Due to any reasons, if the autodebit default, then the customers can make the payment through various payment gateway options displayed in the app. Our team make their best efforts to approach you and assist you in paying the due amount before your penalty accumulates. Please note that we do not accept Cash or Cheque for repayment.

YES! In fact, making payments before they are due raises your score. However, the interest payments are deducted at source at the time of disbursement and it will not be reduced/ reimbursed in such instances.

Precisely, a default is a failure to repay the loan amount on/before the due date of EMIs. If you fail to pay the EMI of salary advance loan on the date when it is due, you will be classified as a defaulter with SalaryDay which will affect your credit score and also your relationship with SalaryDay for future loans.


SalaryDay lets you refer as many friends as you can, provided, they are salaried. We will keep you posted about the upcoming rewards program.