Ethical & Responsible

1.1. We recognize the financial requirements of our customers, and help them in attending them successfully to the extent of our loan products

1.2. We never publish deceptive advertisements that my mislead or manipulate or confuse the customers

1.3. To educate the customer about the agreement details, all the Terms and Conditions are displayed upfront

1.4. We maintain transparency with our customers that enable them to take informed decisions.

1.5. We ensure to mention name of the lender/NBFC/Bank on the loan agreement.

1.6. We display and share all applicable charges to the customer and don’t have any hidden fees.

1.7. The customer can easily access our FAQ section on our website for quick reference.

1.8. In case of unexpected circumstances, we understand that the borrowers should be treated fairly and should be given sufficient time and opportunity to repay the loan amount.

1.9. We do not indulge or tolerate any malpractices to recover the due loan amount from the customer

2.0. We never mislead or threaten the customer to make payment.

2.1. We address your queries and complaints in the utmost professional manner within a stipulated time.

2.2. Your personal information is treated as confidential. Refer to our privacy policy for details

2.1. All loan transactions are in compliance with the stipulated rules and regulations of RB:

2.2. We adhere to the RBI’s fair practice codes and policies from time-to-time.

2.3. We never mislead or confuse the customer via deceptive advertisement.

2.4. The customer can also raise concerns by writing to our customer support team:

2.5. We never involve in illegal practices such as creating of fake legal notices from any government bodies, or use logos, or stamps of bodies such as RBI, CBI, UIDAI, Tax department etc.

2.6. We ensure that all our legal notices are sent on authorized letterheads from our Legal team.

3.1. In order to promptly verify your eligibility, always provide with complete and accurate information on your application.

3.2. PPlease make sure you fully understand the terms and conditions of SalaryDay app. We urge you to seek further information, if needed.

3.3. Please ensure timely repayments, in order to maintain a positive credit profile. Further it will help you to get credit faster on subsequent loans.

If you find any suspicious activities, please report them to

We are there to help you in every way possible as a responsible lender.